Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River was good, despite some very cold days last week.   The river level dropped a lot over the last five days though and is getting clear.  Looks like some rain in the forecast this week, which should get rid of some more snow and bring water levels up.   Not seeing a lot of bright New Steelhead entering the system yet mostly older Fall and Winter fish.   A bump in water level and some warmer temps should bring in some fresher Spring Steelhead.  For flies last week smaller Nuke and Estaz Egg’s in Oregon Cheese, Grapefruit and Apricot worked well.  For Nymph’s try Hex’s, smaller Stoneflies and Fry patterns.  On the swing smaller Sculpins on the brighter days and Flashy Leech patterns on the cloudy ones.
Pics from last week: 3/1-3/5 2021 – Jack and Patrick ended the week with some great Steelhead fishing .  These two had never experienced Steelhead fishing and they did great, both were able to shake hands with some great fish.   Ed joined me for three days on the river and we had some good fishing when the day finally warmed up. A lot of cold morning’s last week Tuesday we started in a whopping 8 degrees.  Ed and his guest hooked some great fish, and we took some great photos.  Ed with some nice Steelhead taken last week. Ed’s son Peter with his first Steelhead on a fly. Ken found this nice fish on the Indicator rig and a Hex Nymph.  Fransisco with his first ever Steelhead on a fly rod and reel.  Jeff and his son Jacob started out the week on their annual Spring Steelhead trip and we found a few fish on a cold blistery day.