What a week in weather and water level. Heavy rains, snow and high water brought in a few new Steelhead.   Water level is still up in most areas of the river the higher stretches it has dropped some and has a nice tea stain to it. Look for Steelhead fishing to continue if the temps are cooler, and the water is higher.   For flies try bigger Egg fly imitations Clown eggs are working well along with brighter Estaz eggs. For Nymphs, the Fry and Alevin patterns are working good for Steelhead and resident trout along with Steelhead Bugger’s.  On the swing last week, it was big and bright and a lot of weight to slow the speed down.
Few fish pics from last week :   Winter arrived on top of John and I with this nice chrome Hen.  Mike and I spent the day swinging flies and it was great the flows were fast, so you had to think about the approach, but we were awarded with a few great fish.   Ken and Ed had an awesome day despite the all-day the fish were really on the bite. Fransico with his first ever Brown trout that took a Fry on the strip.   Steve with this great fish on quite the miserable day winter was back once again.  Don with a buck that took a Clown Egg.