Trout season is in full swing now, the streamer bite has been exceptionally good last couple weeks.  Anything baitfish or salmon fry related worked well.  Looks like we went from winter to summer.  River is up still with a decent stain to it; water is very warm though. Bugs are starting to hatch, and few fish are rising.  Seeing a few Hendrickson’s now and Olives on the cloudy days along with Golden Stones.  With Trout season happening on are great rivers and streams in Michigan.  The opportunities are endless for chasing Trout here and you need to make sure you clean your gear if you are going from one river to another.  We don’t want see invasive species like the New Zeeland Mud Snails and Didymo spreading throughout all are watersheds.   This Didymo being found in the Upper Manistee is horrible it can take over the entire bottom of a stream choking out all life but gravel in which that life needs to spawn on. If this would get into the Pere Marquette River it could be a total disaster. So please do your part to keep gear clean and boats. Please spread the word to all river users, especially paddlers in the summer season.    Check out this great video from the Northern Angler on keeping your gear clean. (275) Invasive Species IN YOUR RIVERS! – YouTube  Thank you !!!!
Pics last couple weeks throwing meat and potatoes.  Bob with a couple of great fish on one of the best Streamer days we have both seen in a while.   Bob couldn’t get enough with high water once again and a little weather we found some nice Browns willing to eat the big flies.  (Top) Jim on his annual Birthday float gets a birthday fish will never forget a true giant that fell for a streamer on a bright and sunny day.   Finished off the week with Heather and Walt we don’t get to streamer fish to often so took advantage of the water being stained and headed to the river.  Walt got to test his 7ft bamboo rod on some nice Trout and Heather won with the biggest Brown but it was camera shy and got away, we all saw it though. “NICE JOB HONEY”