The reinvented Blue Moon for swinging for Steel.

This fly works extremely well in the Winter, when the water is cool and in low light situations.

Shank Style Fly

Tied on Senyo  40mm shank

Trailer Hook:  Owners number 2 or Allen Stinger number 2

Wire: Beadalon or 40 lb  Power Pro

Tail:  King Fisher Blue Pseudo Hair,  tie in to make a nice shoulder for the Black Rabbit Strip to lay over.

Body:   Take the extra Black Rabbit Strip and and palmer towards front of Shank towards front of shank palmer King Fisher Blue Shlappen tied by the tip through the front of the Rabbit.

Collar:   Black Shlappen tied in by tip and palmer towards front of hook.

You can add lead eyes if you prefer, if used in winter you will want to fish this fly slow.