This is a Sculpin pattern that I developed as part of Outfitters North Rubber Leg Series of Flies.

Use a Shank Style Hook or I use a Mustad Salmon Hook then cut.

Tail  Ball of Peacock Ice Dub to form a Shoulder then wrap Olive Marabou around Ice Dub

First Segment of Rubber Legs Magic Perch

Collar of Olive Schlappen around the legs

Body Caddis Green Ice Dub wrapped towards front of Hook

Collar of Olive Marabou wrapped towards front

Next Segment of Magic Perch Rubber Legs

Wing Copper Flashabou or Perch Flashabou works well too

Collar of Barred Wood Duck Flank Feather wrapped towards front of hook

Head Australian Possum and Shrimp Pink Ice Dub for Egg Look

Wire is Beadalon , Trailer  Hook is a Allen Octopus size 2 hook