This fall found myself playing around with the Temple Dog Hair, I found this stuff to be great you can use little of it, but yet still get good profile and movement out of your flies. (For you tube fly guys it’s really awesome to tie with.) This fly fished last fall through the winter really well for me, especially on sunny days. It resembles a Sculpin or Goby.


Rabid Dog Black

This is a articulated fly tied on two hooks make sure you cut front hook when done.

Trailer Hook: Daiichi X510 Size 4
Tail: Chartreuse Ice Dub with Black Dog Hair Collar
Jointed together with Heavy Mono Maxima 15lb or Braided Line 20lb.
Front Hook: Just a old Streamer Hook 1 or 2x Long Depending on how big you want. (You will cut this hook).
Tail : Dub some more Chartreuse Ice Dub to make a shoulder then a little Black Dog Hair for a collar, then add some Blue Flashabou.
Body: More Chartreuse Ice Dubbed work to front of hook.
Collar/Over Wing: Black Dog Hair with Blue Falshabou and palmerd Purple Schlappen to front
Head: Red Plastic Bead Eyes found at Craft Stores and Black Ice Dub.

As you can see this is a pretty simple fly to tie and the Dog Hair is nice becuase a little is a lot. Like the Olive for clear water or sunny days. This fly is great for Dirty water or cloudy days. Good Luck.


Rabid Dog Olive

This is a articulated fly tied on two hooks make sure you cut front hook when done.
Rear Hook: Tiemco 105 Number 4
Tail: Olive Dog Hair tied sparse.
Body: Tie in a little Peacock Ice Dub To give the collar of fly movement
Collar: Olive Dog hair
Wing: Gold Holographic Flashabou and Copper Flashabou
Connect two hooks with 15lb Maxima
Front Hook: Mustad Salmon Fly 36980 Size 6 (remember your going to cut this)
Tail: Ball of Peacock Ice Dub clump of Olive Dog Hair
Body: Palmer Chartruese Estaz or something similar two or three wraps.
Wing: Olive Dog hair with Gold Holographic Flashabou and Copper Flashabou (just a little)
1st Collar: Barred Wood Duck Flank tied in by tip palmered to front
2nd Collar: Australian Possum clump tied in
Head: Plastic Large Red Eyes with Hares Ear Ice Dub Tan