Rear of Fly:
Rear Hook  Ahrex NS 172 Curved Gammarus #2 or Ahrex HR 430 Size 2
Heavy thread wraps all of hook, tie in 40lb braid or Backing for the articulated part of fly.
Tail Chartreuse saddle hackle tied in butt first.
Body Chartreuse Ice Dub spun to front of hook.
Collar White Marabout or could use White Schlappen both tied in tip first palmer towards eye of hook.
Front of Fly:
Add two beads depending how long you want the fly, add Chartreuse. ( this will keep back half from twisting)
Tie your braid or backing with beads on to 35 or 40mm shank or as in pic just a old long shank , stout streamer hook that you can cut with wire cutters.
Tail another collar of Marabou or Schlappen palmer towards front
Body UV White Polar Chenille wrapped towards eye of hook.
Collar of Chartreuse Schlappen followed by a red Ice dub throat
Wing a Chunk of Chartreuse bucktail tied in towards front with green and gold Flashabou
Add Medium to Small holographic fish,  weighted eyes. Then add in front and over the Ice Chartreuse Ice Dub
Finished , tight lines and good luck!!!!