Now that it’s streamer season for trout, I wanted to tie something that was out of the ordinary. That’s one nice thing about streamers, you the tier can let your imagine go wild. This is what I clearly love to do. I like to create flies that are simple and effective. I also like to take ideas from different patterns I have seen over the years and incorporate them into my own style of streamer. To me that’s the coolest thing about streamers, everyone has a different style. Some might tie more traditional wets, others like to use a lot of flash, and some tie big while others go small. They are all different in their own way.

This bug I designed is called the “SUPER SMOLT”. This fly is very effective this time of year on rivers with salmon fry and steelhead smolts. Rivers like the PM, MUSKEGON, and MANISTEE are great examples of rivers that produce a lot of fry and smolts. Big Browns are keying in on them now that most of the Steelhead eggs are gone. Steelhead Smolts are making their way out in the spring following the adults to the lake. These smolts will form big schools or balls just like baitfish and head on down the river. Then they become ambushed by big fish who want a easy meal ticket.


Super Smolt Recipe
Hook: Tiemco 300 Size 4
Tail: Jailhouse Marabou White/Black
Body: Pearl Cactus Chenille
Wing: Blue Marabou/ Mallard FLank/Red Flashabou followed by another Mallard Flank
Throat: Pink Marabou/ Red works good too
Collar: Jailhouse marabou palmered towards eye
Eyes: Med Lead eyes, red or green