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This  Trout Streamer works really well, when those Big Browns are on the Prowl.

Jointed Fly with two hooks remember in quality fishing water such as ” Flies Only” sections can only use One Hook.

Back hook, just a Wooly Bugger nothing Special

Yellow Marabou tail along with Brown Marabou tail

Body Yellow Schlappen tied in by tip add Yellow Ice Dub for body

Wrap Ice Dub towards front and then wrap Schlappen towards front

Collar of Brown Schlappen and Yellow Schlappen with some Centipede Rubber Legs

Front Hook tied into back with Fireline and a couple beads on line for bling

Tail Yellow and Brown Marabou again

Body same as back hook, yellow Ice Dub and Yellow Schlappen wrapped towards front of hook

Collar of Brown and Yellow Schlappen with Centipede Rubber Legs

Head Yellow Rabbit wrapped around Red Lead Eyes Medium and some Brown Marabou in Front.